Monday, October 25, 2010

"when architecture heals ..."

on a notion raised by
a reader of the previous posting

Pretty maids all in a row 
lined up
Outside my cabin door
I’ve never wanted any of ‘em wantin’ me
Except the girl 
from the red river shore.

Well I sat by her side and 
for a while I tried 
to make that girl my wife -

She gave me her best advice
and she said
Go home and lead a quiet life.

Well I been to the East and I been to the West
And I been out where the black winds roar
Somehow though I never did get that far
With the girl 
from the red river shore.

Well I knew when I first 
laid eyes on her
I could never be free
One look at her 
and I knew right away
She should always be with me.

Six blocks south of the Sherry and two east,
an easy walk between drinks and dinner,
you would find her
if you were 'hungry
and it were her world' . .

Red River Shore, Bob Dylan ©
375 Park Avenue, plan and edifice, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
  and Philip Johnson

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