Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ireland again

Some things, one doesn't even want to think about; a self-inflicted catastrophe for Ireland seems to've happened enough.

The best thing I've seen discussed on this crisis is by one of Ireland's true lights, Fintan O'Toole, whose A Traitor's Kiss on Richard Brinsley Sheridan is a beautiful book on a glorious man. 
Ian Jack's review of his Ship of Fools in The New York Review of Books promises that it is brilliant and dreadful. It seems that it has to be read.

Benjamin Britten
Chant, Variations on 
  a Theme by Frank Bridge
Herbert von Karajan
Philharmonia Orchestra
EMI, 1954©


  1. I know it's somehow irrelevant...
    but who is the boy in the first photo?

  2. A tassic purpose is seldom irrelevant, albeit often inscrutable. I'd be glad to advance it if I could, kid, but the only data I have for him is the name I retained from this image's transfer to me by none other than Mercury, at a party given for a bunch of nymphets and youth by Venus, in the 30th Ode in Horace's 1st Book, which I've been having the most tormenting difficulty in translating. (We wondered at the time why you hadn't made an appearance, but these deb parties inevitably do pose scheduling conflicts). If you click on the image, this name will appear in its label box. Whether it is his name or some merry party trick, I leave to you to unravel. In fact I posted this portrait there, trusting you to see to it.

    While you're here, though, would you mind confirming if the final image really is of Sherry? Holding his licence on the school for scandal, I figured you'd know.