Sunday, November 28, 2010

Picture taken by a man who can't see what he's doing

This picture will be new to some readers, so I present it in a scale permitting its study on the page. It is the only image I've ever requested because I simply like looking at the figure in the frame. Once I bought an Ansel Adams from Portfolio V for the same reason, but that was of a rural woman behind a screen door. This is an urban hottie, and I'm not pretending not to notice.

Subordinate to this stalker's consideration - I happen also to like this photograph very much. Now that he has a chance to see it, himself, I wonder what the photographer thinks of it. He never saw it before. His camera wouldn't let him. Every time this man wants to take a picture, his camera makes him go blind before it will expose the film. 

It's very hard, however, to be sorry for Valéry Lorenzo, given what he extracts in trade. As often as the mirror slaps him in the eye, as obstinately as the apparatus defers his decision, art happens when he assimilates something worth seeing. As we all know.

Which brings us to what the stalker knows. It's all very well to watch what he does, but as I explain to Whit, it's also necessary to see where he goes. We pay the most gainful attention, then, to where he takes us, not only in gallery visits but in the most fertile following list we've yet to find in a blogger's profile. 

Here is where he went this week, there is where he's going soon.

Keep an eye on Valéry Lorenzo's movements; he gives delicious excuses for our attention.

i and ii, Valéry Lorenzo
iii, Heinrich Kühn, Orangerie Exhibition
iv, Eduardo Chillida, Flo blog


  1. I thank you also for leading me to the film by Tarkovsky, from this happier spoof of snooping.