Monday, February 7, 2011

Do you share our dismay for Fiorucci?

for our leeks

We never know the full price of dull rustication until we encounter a victim of its opposite. Rip van Winkle of space as well as time, we had to consult the summa theologica internetam to discover a Fiorucci to be not only a parody, but a person, and an enterprising one at that. Here, the natural reflex is sympathy for the bearer's dismay at what's been thrust upon him. What could be bleaker, than to linger in open shade in attire objectifying the other, fairer gender in a lurid mode? It all began, we find, with bright galoshes. Yet, if we could but be a gardener in a blither monde, how becoming they might be among the shoots ..


  1. In 1979 I thought Fiorucci was fun. Today, not so much.

  2. Antonio, thank you for passing such an unassailable judgment on the blog. :) Seriously, if you'd said you respected it, the walls would have caved in, all about us. But no one quibbles with love here.

    John, 3 decades ago our engagement with fun was also pardonably less discerning. Still, I'd bet that if I'd known about bright galoshes at the time, I'd have ruined quite a lot fewer pairs of shoes in San Francisco rains. Thank you for the perspective!

  3. i remember perfectly going to the l.a. opening of fiorucci...1978?
    the sales clerks roller skated around the shop and the matches were made in the shape of lips.
    ( yes, there were matches - people smoked )
    i kept those matches for years...
    the image, a pity.
    the memory, just brilliant.

  4. LA had a Fio? And why wasn't I told? Many people from there, seeking restaurants, would appear in San Francisco on weekends in those days, expecting consolation and a place to stay. They were our way of hearing about the town. You'd think they'd have brought some of these lips along.