Friday, March 11, 2011

"What a genius they have, for the small change of freedom"

Shall it be Kings, then, for Easter this year?
Oh, I don't see why not. We promised ourselves.
But you died.
Couldn't be helped. I'll still go with you.
They'll let you?
Haven't you figured it out? They haven't any choice anymore.
Yes. I owe you for that. 


Heading, Sybille Bedford
Pleasures and Landscapes
  A traveller's tales from Europe
Counterpoint, 2003©

Georg Frideric Händel
Anthem for the Duke of Chandos, 5
Every day will I give thanks
Ian Partridge, tenor
Harry Christophers, The Sixteen
Chandos Records, Ltd., 1994©


  1. Lovely entry. Most amazing color of green in the photograph. :)

  2. Kind of you to say. I know, some greens do absolute wonders for this page; but here I was fortunate to feel very strongly for all of the elements of the picture.

  3. the musical accompaniment is always appreciated-

  4. Yes, thank you; the "Kings thing" was always about the music of that fabulous choir.