Sunday, April 3, 2011

A lady I know, was asking for a naked cowboy

Could have 
fooled me.

At the time, I was only
wondering what to read.

You never know about
these things. Best not
to ask.

let's dance.


  1. Now, THERE's a riddle to keep the learnèd up at night. Quite the most delicious of possible comments, in the presentable spectrum, one could possibly extend to this entry. I'd second it, but we mustn't look too much as if we're hatching a new tongue. And if you should find anything out, please send us all the link .. :)

  2. Not sure whether you're seconding these remarks or those above, but the motion carries, ma'am, by unanimous consent!

  3. Quite the best place for it, yes?

  4. that cowboy rode in over here today. I did not offer him cover- a cowboy is nothing if not use to the rough and ready

  5. Now, all you nice people really must NOT encourage Laurent all at once, with little Wittgenstein laughing in the corner. He does not appear unless a spot of mischief strikes his fancy, and he takes roughly enough to a grooming as it is.

    Yow, LA, are you trying to force my retirement by hoisting me to Everest, or by trusting me to fall?