Monday, April 11, 2011

Meeting Monday half way

                           scent of fresh
balsam on a pair 
                         of supple loafers


  1. I have an all day meeting today and wish I was wearing supple loafers with the scent of balsam

  2. Bonjour, Dank :) As you can see, little Wittgenstein is hauling me about a bit still. My belief, however, is not his (such a hard state for him to adopt, in any case) -- and it is, that you very nearly are wearing supple slip-ons with this scent, merely for conceiving of the state -- which you so plainly can. I think the senses permit this so naturally that I marvel, sometimes, how little we allow them to infuse the intelligence. But as to that, I know you need no example.

  3. I have always been comfier with some reservation of doubt in any critique, but I shall study the discomfort you propose, with much gratitude for your mentorship.

  4. I love the boy, I love the haircut and, I'm afraid, I love the loafers. :)

  5. Thank you, F, for staying in touch with RMBL, it means a lot and it allows us to underscore warm respect for your page. That said, we are trying to cut down on fear around here, and although it pains us to know that we frighten people who don't like what we do, it's worse to know we frighten people who do. Sorry about the loafers!