Monday, April 18, 2011

The template of hope has been shown to be true

first day of Passover


  1. Cher Laurent, I must say that you have given passover and the Exodus from Egypt a whole new slant. Let us hope that they are all Jewish.

  2. Lovely photos, and a lovely beginning of Passover.

  3. Dear David, I hope and trust that it will give offense to no one, to entertain the suggestion, which I advance with enthusiasm if not with great wit, that "they" (the representations in the portraits?) do not all have to be Jewish, in the sense of being Hebrews or descended from them.

    I was thinking of a change (as the photo captions portray, as you summon them from the thumbnails), which Passover was. I was at a loss (and I used to have to study this for academic survival) to contemplate an event in human history which was more fundamental, in establishing the world as we know it - save, possibly, the climax of this week, but I don't know. But that the events of this week depend utterly on the predicate of the Passover, I take it, is widely accepted.

    So the meaning of this posting is gigantically simple, if not too simple, for poaching on somebody's proprietary parade. If this great thing could be done, one thought to oneself, the substance of hope is not questionable. And one thought this might be nice for just about anybody to reflect upon, especially given the trial of this week.

    Whether then, change of this scale requires a deity's assent, I do not speculate. It's not altogether clear to me that a deity is much invested in the blooming of almond blossoms in the south of France, or crocuses in the Hudson Valley, either. Gorgeous as these manifestations are, they are not about hope. Hope is about the exercise of human action. And for that, my truly cherished reader, I look upon Passover as pretty spiffy.

    Does this seem responsive?

  4. Writer, then I know we exchange aspirations for peace in each other's house, smiles, and the reality of love. Thank you for looking in this week.