Saturday, May 14, 2011

The LTA Suite i

There are so many faces in streets and bars and buses and stores that remind one of Original Sin, so few that carry permanently the sign of Original Innocence .. 

Most of us only see resemblances, every situation has been met before, but [some see] only differences, like a wine-taster who can detect the most elusive flavour.

On a short holiday this weekend, I borrow from my library Graham Greene's delicious honeymoon romp, Loser Takes All, and find recurring references he never did attach before, to my notice - on wine, its relevances and the foibles of its followers. Here I admire how he shifts the ground of almost pathological discern-ment (the antitheses he poses, being so extreme) to the sympathetic standard of the senses and the sensual, with a lingering note of oppression. He was very, very good at this; belovedly dangerous, always.

Graham Greene
Loser Takes All
William Heinemann Ltd, 1955©
Penguin Books, 1971©

A. Brunier
S. Salomon

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