Thursday, July 28, 2011

"A figure of unfinished invention," I have been called


.. but I've been on a journey that I'm grateful for, a year at tomorrow's dawn, an ostensible occasion. I do not believe in occasions, I believe in what we do; and on this day, forgetting that exer-tion, I must say I'm glad to be home to remember those moments, a year ago, before that embarkation did take place; home with some things I've brought back, very sweetly saved for my perusal and reflection. 

I'm not racing any more today. I have a friend with big, black eyes to see, and featherings to groom, bursting in his frame to hear his name, and show me how to play.

i  Beth Nelson


  1. thanks & again for your Kertész of the other day ~

    por qué nací entre espejos ~

  2. you have enriched my life this year L- and in doing so-I hope yours too. pgt

  3. Laurent simply does not understand this character of comment and his fingernails are too soiled to receive it. But I don't doubt that he notices a gladness, which he does understand. :) Merci quand-même!

    Look to your left, look to your right; "they" are creative, and/or they are ladies. I've begun to think rmbl is in that Thoreauvian moat of uncertain space between guys, where some residual sense of invasion meets some intractable, but admittedly unnatural sense of you-go-first. Possibly I speak only of the most intransigent and familiar construct barring one's communicative skills; possibly I speak of their limitation.

    So I shall see about that.

    A good evening to you, PGT.