Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hey, I hear Michelle had a busy mornin'

I've been on the tip of the spear, she boasted to NBC. Time was, folks didn't use to figure they'd talk about that. Poor lady was trying to say how belligerent she is, and everybody heard her as passive aggressive. So here we go again, backing and filling, re-explaining what an innocent candidate really meant to say, after saying what she really meant to say, in front of all these horrifyingly biased microphones.

We're knee deep already in the aw shucks, it warn't nuthin' phase of Michelle's brownshirt arc of merriment. Check it out; asked about why she fought against any solution to the debt crisis, she declared it isn't what people want to hear about.

Got that right, Ma'am. And that was only last week. What more are we really not going to want to hear, when you and Rick Perry start claw-ing each other over who's more Christian? Who'd get tougher with libraries? And what's your back-up plan, for matching his body count with capital punishment? Not for lack of trying? Have faith in your intentions?

Tell ya whut, darlin'.
We do. We really do.


  1. what a performance-and she didn't even blink-literally.

  2. Maybe she gets all her REMS in at night.

  3. Rick has the right drawl for a christian i think

  4. Oh, it's the latest thing at all the seminaries, I'm told. That said, to be fair, he hasn't her wind. I don't know anyone who's seen her draw breath when her back is up (did I really say that?). But it'll be an interesting cobra/mongoose sort of go, à la Stalin and Trotsky all over again.