Thursday, October 6, 2011


               Thick-skinned pomegranates, your rinds
               forced open by a rashness of seeds, you've led
               me to envisage the highest foreheads
               bursting with all that comes to mind.

               Should all these suns you suffer,
               O pomegranates with gaping sides,
               leave you so swollen with pride
               as to break down your ruby buffers,

               should the wizened gold of your skin
               give way to pressure from within
               and explode in red juice-gems,

               that light-shedding fracture
               might bring a soul such as I had to dream
               of its own hidden architecture.

Paul Muldoon
Moy Sand and Gravel
  Paul Valéry: Pomegranates
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2002©

i  Rodrigo Calazans
ii Benjamin Eidem


  1. Perfect.

    even if the word verif says "abstizin"

  2. I love this... Wishing you a peaceful Sunday. It's Indian summer here. Perfect for a day at the ocean.

  3. I'm touched by your wishes, Barbara. It was a pretty Fall day down in Williamsburg, and I'm glad to be able to verify your hopes as I return.