Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday commute xlv: toward the boating stripe

Tolerant readers (are there any other kind?
will recall a Summer digression on the boat-
I invoke that classic in the way others 
resort to the white flag, not of surrender 
but of truce, which I really feel like ex-
ploiting to my private delight and that of 
my dog, this weekend, and to the relief - 
one can only hope - of those who keep up 
with what the page churns out from day to 
day. It's October in Virginia, and believe 
me, if the place has the slightest excuse, 
this is it. For us, to go down to the wa-
ter, represents not the slightest paradox.

Next weekend, of course, are the Montpelier
Hunt Races. Please do not imagine, we would
miss them.


  1. I expect to see you on Race day, Lucien. Possibly we can enjoy a glass of something during the running of the Jack Russells!

  2. We can share salutations over one common cup and drink as one body from one cup !

  3. And not unwise! It has been known to be chilly at Mr Madison's farm in November. :)