Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety-jog

The defect of a referendum
is that it presents a bin-
ary question, crafted by a
magistrate and polluted by
demagoguery. But they have
where the frame is not the



  1. a greek drama always captivates the audience!

  2. Tying my tie this morning, I admitted to myself that every power on earth will be moved to derail this referendum from ever taking place. I hadn't figured on the Prime Minister's own Party taking up the knife as well, as The New York Times was reporting by mid-morning, Eastern North American time. I can assure you, this drama is being watched as being not only Greek.

  3. Our Prime minister should have noticed the Caryatide missing from the Erechtheion!

  4. The peripateticism of your caryatids seems a standing semaphore of your politics. Writing to his friend Henry Miller in March of '45, less than 3 months after the "December events," Durrell (then a British propaganda officer) spoke of "defending the Acropolis caryatid by caryatid against the rest of Greece." Possibly they do not care for a quarrel in the family? But here the pressure for a schism seems external again, and not just coincidentally so -- to the alien eye.