Friday, November 11, 2011

Suppose it were Friday xlv: but it might not be ready for 20 years

You go see your children first! 
And then you worry about waiting 
on line to see your brother -- 
like everybody else.

I remember how ancient I used
to suppose I would feel, by the
time a new vintage of a premier
grand cru would be decent to in-
vestigate. I have devastated
some very great vintages in
their 'teens. 

The youth engaged in the craft
depicted here occupies a trust
which he learns not to breach 
with haste. In this way he em-
bodies its steadiness, learns 
anticipation and calm in the 
same breath and mallet stroke.

We don't hear of 'statecraft'
any more. An idiot with a bor-
rowed opinion can captivate
our people and usually does.
'Gimme da biggest red ya got,'
he shouts, and we let him
have our boys.

Francis Ford Coppola, director
Francis Ford Coppola and
  Mario Puzo, Screenplay
The Godfather: Part II
Paramount, 1974©

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