Saturday, January 21, 2012

We are not here to discuss the chromaticism of Scarlatti


.. but of course, we might. Who has ever heard a sounder argument for the random walk theory of investing, than by applying it to the selection of one's houseguests? It is uncannily likely to present us with companionship unpredictably steeped in the curtain wall of Beauvais, say, or the keyboard techniques of Horowitz. And why should it not? If we are so improbably inclined in our interests, who would be so daft as to resort to probabilities? I realise, there is a whiff of Clovis Sangrail in this line of thought, but that's not what it is. It's a line of experience. I do not believe we get lucky. I believe we just are. Or maybe it's a property of Saturday?


  1. I believe we are --- and I believe we are fortunate to know a intelligent man as you

  2. I think you must have had too luscious a breakfast, Lucien! :)

    But thanks, I know the confusions of a yummy breakfast, myself, and don't blame you for a sunny surge of recklessness. I'm also glad you came by, because by pure chance I regard this as one of the few entries at this page which I would cite as fundamental, and again by pure chance, almost perfectly exemplifying rmbl (not that this should be done!). Of course the whole thing was given to me by somebody else, the artist of the crazy keyboard.

    I'm enormously fortunate in your readership, Lucien, and in the more 1,500 visitors who have seen this entry in the last 24 hours. We are fortunate in our meetings, because they are assiduously refined before they even take place. We are each other's prize for perseverance. I wish I could write as well as we simply bump into each other.