Saturday, February 18, 2012

In which we declare an overnight recess

I'm sorry to do this
on a Saturday night.

 James, having forgotten 
 his clarinet again, 
 rather moots the point 
 of our Quintet practice 
 for this evening. Of
 course you are free to
 practice on your own.
 And, James. You might
 go over the sheet music
 when you get a chance.


  1. Ah.....Listen to Finzi's Clarinet Concerto in the meanwhile.

  2. I certainly shall, Dottore, this is a composer I've shamefully neglected since an Anglophile concentration of mine of some years ago. I had in mind the Mozart Quintet, here - and for that matter, the Mozart Concerto in the old Szell recording. Pathetic as the medium is, I'll seek out an mp3 download of the Finzi right away.

  3. listening to Mozart and gazing at this last picture - would be two of the most wonderous & sensual experiences one could have

  4. Pretty much along the lines of what that portrait is driving at; it was the germ for the entire entry, of course, and still bears the label, "practice," with which it entered the database. But I think the quintet was the way to assimilate this concept here, more in the spirit of pure play, with a rag-tag crew of gym denizens out of Weber's "Broken Noses," who just happen to convene after their workout on Saturday nights to be transported by their pursuit of chamber music. (I happen to believe this happens). :)