Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Against despair," out for editing

The edited version of this
entry will appear shortly.
The comparatively reason-
able desire for a timely
continuity between "rapture"
and "despair" represented no
undue pressure, but the un-
wonted challenges of select-
ing a necktie and scent for
a long day of medical amuse-
ments in town, splitting the
difference between exuberant
Spring and subdued patient-
hood, meant that this entry
took unsteadier flight from
the pan than the china could

  A pity to have come all this 
  way, Hercule, to find that Lucy
  had snatched the football away.

  Quite right, Auguste. Yet I've
  been hearing, he shouldn't have
  been up, kicking so soon.

  Too bad, even so. I'm told the
  illustration was quite racy.

  That's interesting, Auguste;
  I'd been thinking we might make
  some of our own pictures, this
  fine day.

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