Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bypassing, poaching

 Possibly one was the last
 to know, a bypass surgery
 involves a rummaging among
 parts for serviceable sub-
 stitutions. What a happy
 allowance of such parts we
 do seem to possess, may be
 discussed better in JAMA
 than here. It is not neces-
 sarily to be compared with
 poaching; I don't suppose.

     Now the poor blog is to be
     subjected to a structure of
     pun which it may not carry.
     We really don't know, yet,
     the tensile strength of the
     medium, much less what its
     capacitance is as a conduit
     under various pressures of
     expression. I have a friend,
     a blogger, who urges me to
     rest, and to write letters.
     If I sent a note, could it
     speak of poaching eggs, or
     of poaching in Renoir? The
     blog does.

I sent up a posting yesterday, having
to do with speculation on taste as a human 
right. According to the blog's host, the
usual hassled suspects saw it, and presump-
tively read it; but a friend happened by and
saw it, and picked it up in the comment line,
and treated it as a note. Is this a pun on an
intimate reflection? I was charmed, and to-
night I took the posting down in modesty, to 
restore it later as I sometimes do.

My surgery does not, any longer, 
just encroach upon the resources 
of the blogging act; it poaches 
from them. I regret drawing ref-
erence to the fact, but I dislike 
the opening image, too, except it 
is perfect for the occasion. One's condition is a good deal like what I would suppose a nightmare to be, should I ever run into one. As happy as I am to have been bypassed, I'd rather be out in the dunes.

Gerhard Richter, 2004


  1. and i am happy you are still here...

    1. Thanks v much & kind of you, but I'm not really sure I don't see myself in the dunes in Bolinas, if possible. But now, come to think of it, what do you like to read about? What should a blog of spare layout and blithe content be posting these days, always assuming such a blog existed? Just please don't say, surgery or religion. :)

  2. i am content with your blog's content; and further still, i enjoy it. there are other blogs that i visit but none are an exact match to yours, so it fills a void. i read for your insight as much as your musings. and i poach from it from time to time. :)

    1. I think the scramblings here must make an ambivalent base for a poaching, but by all means feel free to do what you do ~ thank you.