Thursday, July 12, 2012

Did the Sans-Culottes take a position on the T?

  Friends of mine, good
  friends, are marrying
  on Bastille Day; and I
  T. The question, as ev-
  er, is the pertinence
  of form.

More and more, the tidepool of the
T shirt's gatherings and submerged
deformations presents a screen of
form for the eye's rest and reflec-
tion. In the original cropping how-
ever, detail of the figure domin-
ates, isolated with more than some
awe by the T's border. For rest we
proceed downfield, and sure enough,
the screen is restored in all its
seemingly untelling deflections,
except that every trace of surface
activity is biased by the perfor-
mance of drapings, already stipul-
ated. Vionnet, you read our mind.

How well this pretty volatility
articulates itself, then, is no
wonder to students of the struc-
ture. The gift for movement is
not all in the fitting, or ev-
en nearly all. It is in the ret-
icence, the subtlety of scale,
between gesture and structure.
They are a sea unprecedented.

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