Friday, July 27, 2012

Don't you think we'd have heard, Mitt?

  It isn't small-
  government theory
  to speak of changing
  the hearts of Americans.

  If you want to be an
  ass, make sure you get
  permission for the cheek
  they'll let you turn, Mitt.

to the NRA in the tidal
wake of the Batman shoot-
ings, as to dream of any 
remedy as remote as pos-
sible from sanity, the 
completely characterless 
former Governor of Mas-
sachusetts offered witch-
craft as a dike against
the flood of unregulated 
armories in our 50-State

He'll be visited by a del-
egation soon from Mr Mur-
doch, for Mr Corleone. In 
the meantime, Americans
were left to justify the 
denials of the incumbent, 
nattering on about urban 
summer jobs.

Can it be true, what they
say about democracy, that
a people get the fanny
they deserve?

iii  Benjamin Eidem

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