Monday, July 16, 2012

Not keen to sit this one out

A handsome gift collage arrived 
in my mail this past Saturday, 
enumerating the date we call, le 
quatorze. I was glad to publish it 
here to reference the fortnight we 
entered, for completing the page's 
2nd year; but I offer a substitute
picture now, because that gift was
rescinded. A pretty picture and an 
amusing one, what I liked most 
about it was its bowl of berries, 
possibly suggesting le temps des 
cérises of the Commune. But we all 
enjoy what fine use is made of the 
wild berries in the windswept set-
tings at each end of the continent, 
and we always look with keen inter-
est for their return. 

That kind of assumption has been
dealt the most stunning and com-
prehensive correction here, how-
ever, in brusque medical tides
of serial, sorry surprise. There
is no question that the tone of 
this project, my project, was
affected by great and continuing
challenges. But, before then, an
initial amusement with Laurent's
notes had acquired new shadings,
and the page had already evolved
in diverse ways. Editing, in
short, happens.

There never was a question of
sitting out the voyage. Readers
of rmbl confer the shrewdest
editings, by exerting something
resembling pressure. One can feel
sometimes to be their harvester,
at others, their companion. How
is their hand, a cluster to me.

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