Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Light work

  Via the topmost link in his blog's
  list of other pages to visit, I
  discovered a small portfolio of
  photographs of factory workers by
  the 20th Century master, Robert
  Doisneau, which naturally do put
  one in mind of Valéry Lorenzo's
  incessant explorations of the ac-
  tivity of light. It strikes me,
  his restlessness is somewhat like
  that of light, itself, unwitting
  and free in its associations, un-
  blinking in unsparing identifica-
  tion. Possibly, we contemplate a 
  boldness in any engagement with
  illumination: its impartiality.

ii   Purpose, 2009
iv   Valéry Lorenzo    
       Silver print photograph 


  1. Dear Gentleman
    "It's just work, all that matters is work"
    The light is my paint, my eyelashes my brushes. (I always supported my photographs with the image of a painting whose colors are to be interpreted as you do (like nobody else)). Doisneau said "There are people who have the courtoisie to live before writing." I love this modest point of view even if I am not at Doisneau's level.

    Thank you very much Monsieur !

    1. I apologise for the late reply, Valéry. I thank you for accepting this impression of your relationship with light and for these illuminating corrections. We are privileged to glimpse your consciousness of being part of a tradition in its exploration and 'usage,' which naturally enriches considerably our sharing of it.

      Thank you again for visiting rmbl and for engaging all readers in your remarks; this fortunate gesture is one of the rewards of sustaining the page, and a keen sustenance in rewarding its ventures.