Thursday, September 6, 2012

History so large

This evening, there will be an op-
portunity to listen to the first
President of the United States, ev-
er to seek election on the basis
of securing actual rights which did
not exist until he fought for them
and won them. There had never been
a right to health care in this na-
tion until he secured it as a mat-
ter of law. There had never been a
right to serve in the armed services
until he secured it as Commander in
Chief and with permanent legislation, 
irrespective of gender preference.
There is still not now a universal 
right to marry in the United States,
and he is the first President ever to
call for it and to campaign for it.

At the same time, it is striking, that
he is implacably opposed by one Party
which vows to destroy each of these
rights, and that their policies still
draw mesmerised attention. Who is anim-
ated in this land, every day on get-
ting out of bed, by the prospect of
destroying someone's life as a matter
of political satisfaction? 

There is, indeed, a candidate for the
Presidency who is willing to wear our
shame and to promulgate it, zealously.
I am thankful there is Barack Obama to
defeat him, and I cannot conceive of
a more worthy human act.

iii    Francisco Lachowski
iv     Andrew Cooper
v      André Boleyn
viii  Hedi Slimane, photography
x      Stonewall Inn, 1969
xiii  Clément Chabernaud
xv    Anderson Weisheimer

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