Friday, September 14, 2012

Suppose it were Friday lxv: am I going in

        I know the sea -         
        like some meeting 
        where I'm going, 
        the closer I am.
        I just don't know


  1. "saltwater, tears, the sea
    the cure for everything..."isak dinesen

    1. "Salt water. Bad for glass!"
      "Salt water .. bad for glass .."
      "No! Bad for g-l-ass."

      Robert Towne

  2. one of my favourite films of course
    and did faye every look more beautiful i ask?

    1. i'm not sure that anyone was meant to be asked this question.
      possibly the most wonderfully boned person to gain prominence in cinema since Katharine Hepburn and probably also her peer in flash of eye, the other features of her face are such as to suppress comment for fear of waking the dead. when she offers Jake Gittes a lemonade in her garden after her morning ride, one has to be stone cold dead and probably a great deal worse, to refuse. in that triad of everlasting, and not ingloriously written works for the screen at which she was the center - Bonnie and Clyde, Chinatown, and Network - one honestly can't name a preference; but for a quiet lunch, even in a restaurant, in old Los Angeles before the pipes of her Packard cabriolet might echo her throaty good-bye, a recleft set of sinuses would not be too high a price. show me a peer to hold the screen with Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, John Huston, and William Holden at their mature and accomplished best, and one has to come back to Katharine Hepburn again. we say that a vintage like 1928 does not come to Bordeaux every year, and its character subdues every complaint of scarcity.

    2. Reply to direct e-mail correspondent: Yes, that unhappy London face might have worked especially well for her scene with Mitch and the paper lanterns?

  3. it was sad beyond belief, unalterable, never to return, the true authenticity of her.
    but we know hollywood is made of this tinsel.