Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tolerable destruction

I think we remember, that what laid
the catastrophe of Hurricane Katrina
most scaldingly before us, was a pre-
meditated acceptance of its outcome.
The Corps of Engineers and the gov-
ernments to which it reports were
comfortable with the genocidal dis-
tribution of the storm's damage. As
in the experience of HIV, as the or-
iginal George Bush so memorably stip-
ulated, the general population was
essentially home, free. 

In the present emergency, fair warn-
ing and a broader path restore us to
a more equitable guessing game, each
participant assessing his risks in a
more neutral statistical framework,
and discounting them accordingly. 
Survivors will be touched by fear,
but not by humiliation, and the or-
deal will feel like a struggle, not
a calumny. 

Now there will be suffering and 
death, not just compromised brake 
pads; but our exposure to risk will 
relieve us of lingering fellowship. 

Does that flow only from having no

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