Friday, November 9, 2012

I dressed as the man who dressed for the man who dressed James Bond

      Do not be self-conscious.
      It is better to be affected.

Villiers David
1908 - 1985
Advice to my Godchildren
Juan Saumarez Smith, editor
Maggs Brothers
Estate of Villiers David, 2012©


  1. Alors, what a brilliant sentiment! I shall presently adopt it as my motto. Thank you.

  2. Dear Sir, it displeases me to have exploited your response to this posting for so many hours before my day permitted me to reiterate where the credit lies. I had been in a happy and helpful telephone conversation with one of the staff at the shop indirectly involved in this lovely volume's existence, when I was encouraged to give it a try. I can do no less for readers and curious visitors here, and especially for subscribers such as you. The "author" is manifestly and multifariously talented, shrewd, affectionate and dutiful. Someone I would like, someone disarmingly unconceited and of standards. I thank you for bringing yours to us all in comment.