Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sunrise at SPIA: speaking truth to power

   I cannot doubt, the heart of every 
   Princetonian fills with pride in 
   Duncan Hosie, and embraces his mat-
   riculation with confidence, hope, 
   and gratitude. Justice Scalia has 
   had his Joseph Welch moment, and 
   we can be glad to trace his down-
   fall to a son of Nassau Hall.

   They are in what we used to call,
   Spia, which rhymes with Spear in
   an arch accent: the school of pub-
   lic and international affairs, hon-
   oring Woodrow Wilson and designed
   by the architect of the World Trade
   Center, Minoru Yamasaki.

   The Manichaean heretic of sadistic
   jurisprudence has come to twit his


  1. It seems that youth gives one the audacity to speak out against injustice, especially when it flows from a source that purports to be The Supreme Justice.

    It looks like a scene straight out of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

    1. With James Stewart, Class of '32, I suppose you mean. :) Yes, and damn if the kid doesn't dress the part ...