Friday, January 11, 2013

Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria

               And from then
               on, you know,
               well ..


  1. Dopo un lungo viaggio sono contento di essere di nuovo a casa.

    Thank you, Laurent.

    1. Oh, this was very fine news to readers of this page and of many others; and this would include many who have not yet discovered BRH. I trust you will notice, after a reasonable interlude of welcome, that no one has thought to venture into your style or, equally if not more to the point, into your perspective, on a story of ours which we would rather you unfolded in your own pace, than carried in our fragments instead. But at the same time your presentations motivated others as outriders, to lend their experience and their tempered amplifications, exemplifications, and inheritances.

      This is a selfishly happy restoration for all. I, for one, intend to risk the poaching of an egg again, this very weekend.