Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A moment

          It isn't shore leave, but the
          US Navy's renown for the com-
          fort of a ship's company is a
          lesson to us all, need I say.
          And really nowhere does the
          fleet's genius for the genial
          delectations of a voyage draw
          greater delight than in cros-
          sing the international date-
          line. On such occasions, the
          most junior officer on board,
          who has not yet leapt the cal-
          endar this way, is commanded
          to serve the officers and men
          a commemorative sweet, which
          we take to be a salutary prac-
          tice under any circumstances.

          Beneath this portrait from a
          pleasant naval service, slept
          my English Cocker, Whit, for
          his whole life; and possibly,
          in time, a new incumbent will
          succeed him in commanding his
          own biscuit from that perch.

          I, for my part, draw endless
          satisfaction from the faces
          of the crew, enjoying such a
          respite with tradition's qui-
          et ceremony. I remark, that I
          respect this, because I see,
          their servant did.

          To your day, Sailor.

United States Navy
USS Goldsborough, 1967