Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Eric's makeover has begun

Like you, I could not have been more apprehensive, as a great State occasion's drawing nigh, must loose th'expensive whirlwind of the Right-wing cocktail tie. And who could doubt, that bright redoubt of mongrels exercising clout, with Boehner drawn to preen and flout an orange sheen to match his snout? But who could b'lieve that sweet reprieve our Eric ravelled from his sleeve, a virtuous impression of a statelier procession in that hour, as televisioned faces lacking any trace of graces, boasted of how sour they must grieve?
I look not upon my government in Congress so conceived, except in scant security its face can be believed, whil'st in its glare of disrepair a jest might have relieved, the gruesome toil to lance the boil no politics deceived. But here was Biden, lavendered - a rising swell on every word in place - mobilised to augurise ambition to replace.


  1. Style triumphing over the lack of substance? That would be something to behold.

    1. I half expected to see Boehner with Lady Windermere's fan; but I suppose, Sammy Alito had it.