Sunday, February 24, 2013

Reform in postal servitude

    In the United States,
    there is talk of giv-
    ing our letter carri-
    ers Saturday off. But
    wholesome habits only
    find a new expression
    in the spirit of fine


  1. Can you believe it? I have read recently that the USPS is launching a new clothing line (not available in post offices, of course) in the event that Thorny (or his owner) misses the postman on Saturday morning, then an exact replica of the vetements are in the closet! All jokes aside, I must say that their leather satchels are quite fetching...

    1. Another fall of man, JA, that's what it is. No sooner do the USPS refine their delivery system than we find, in the digital age, our couriers have nothing to carry. But now nothing compares with the effrontery of our telephones, nipping several times a day at our heels with tiresome boasts of updates in a system which had advertised itself as "smart." And what did your little telephone learn in school today, need I ask?