Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We were never fancy

Over the weekend, preparing for the arrival
of an infant English dog, I went out to pro-
vision the house with a maker of smoothies -
the new compulsion among the green Maoists -
for his nutrition and mine, to see that I'll
keep up with him. I foraged a breakfast with
the thing this morning, inducing its opera-
tion for the first time. Immediately, I fell
into a gentle basin of despond, if not fully
a pit, as the device exerted itself in dig-
itally nuanced pulsings and whirrings and
ancillary esoteric frolics, to persuade me
that I'd made a witty acquisition.

I take, needless to say, the contrary view.
I'd been had by a culture of technology over
technique, and left with an incurably glossy,
supersafe chemical compound for a canister of
state-of-the-art extracts and chopped debris.
If only my family were here to indulge a de-
served laugh at my expense, I'd feel I were
still living in a gentler, more humane world.

Our world is one of cutting boards and sieves,
food mills run by hand, and mortars and pestles.
Our engagement with our ingredients is physical,
stylised, an exercise of craft. Apart from the
undeniable lewdness of the machine, there was
its mockery of time and feeling, caring and cre-
ativity to welcome, suddenly, as if some stan-
dard befitting the puppy.

I will not go that way with him. 

Adam Prucha

  Hemisphere™ Control Blender

Thorny in California


  1. may i ask is a new and gentle companion arriving in late march!
    happy birthday to me.

    1. New, yes; gentle, indubitably; late March, with the assent of the gods. But happy birthday by all means; in the latter part of the month is also the birthday of the breeder of Geordie and of Whit, by whose introduction to Thorny's, I keep my fingers crossed for Easter weekend - not that I doubt its gladdening outcome, one way or the other .. !

  2. I now begin to understand your reticence surrounding the mechanization of my post-marriage kitchen. I am beginning to envy Thorny's prospective upbringing. His culinary intake is being safeguarded in a way that mine never was.

    1. And possibly a paradox, all this protection is, JA, given his shrewd series of immunisations. I'm thinking of seeing if his vet can fix me up with a little tolerance of froth in my own kale squeeze. But if more of my lately wedded friends would come right out and protest the opportunity costs of a moment squandered in the kitchen as opposed to its savouring in another chamber, I'd have a much higher respect for all these machines.