Sunday, April 28, 2013

Entre deux mers

  Trelawny, not believing
  Shelley an atheist truly,
  once asked him why he
  called himself one. He

  "I took up the word, as
  a knight took up a gaunt-
  let, in defiance of in-
  justice." ..

  The most constant Shelley-
  serpent was the pitiable
  outcast - the Pariah, as 
  he called himself - whose
  hatefulness could be trans-
  formed by love. When he had
  battled against life for
  long enough, a woman or a
  girl would catch him as he
  wearied and press him, soft-
  ly, to her breasts.. He had 
  no sting; he meant no harm.

Ann Wroe
Being Shelley
  The Poet's Search
  for Himself
Pantheon, 2007©

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