Thursday, June 27, 2013

They give you no points for a summer cold ii

The expedient of the semi-
permanent handkerchief, as-
sociated as much with hos-
pital protocols as it is
with Lord Tennyson and the
pickup games of goodguys &
badguys in the walled gar-
dens of youth, comes natur-
ally to mind when entertain-
ing a black-masked English
dog between his merciful
naps. But surely it must
have been for the symptoms
of the summer cold, if not
a passing plague, that this
hoary improvisation in the
breathable properties of lin-
en made its historic debut.
It is a curiosity to me, how
the mask's properties of con-
cealment and prophylaxis are
entirely lost, in their mig-
ration to the countenance of
a dog, and yet how well the
species carries a contrar-
ian message of candour and
conviviality with this device;
while, one's own experiments
in projecting these unmenacing
qualities tend to prove incon-
clusive at best. Yet the rid-
dle has the scale, one could
say, to match the reduced cap-
acities of a summer cold, as
having flickered through the
head of everyman at one time
or another, muggingly lying in
wait for the full-blown coach
and four of antibiotic relief.

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