Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön

We seem to be undergoing another of those ages of demand for high resolution in what we call, our media. Every such age adopts a new consensus for defining definition, going invariably further astray from the original imprint. The degradation these awakenings inflict upon the senses, is one thing, their stripping of mentalities, another. In this I do not refer to the passive presumption, that if the image can be presented with sufficient acuity, it will impose no demands upon perception. I refer to the flight from experience, itself. If one wants to know the sound of the piano, one must first know where it comes from. Yet again, Bonaparte was right. One must play the piano.


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    1. I got a grumpy note from the ghost of Manny Schikaneder, but I hope to make amends in the future.

      Thank you for your visit! Hard news about the suspension of LVI. I'll bet your camera will tug you out the door, however, and soon I hope.