Thursday, July 4, 2013

In the republic of waiting

    Today my pleasure
    with my sparklers 
    is tempered by the
    crushing fact of
    official neglect
    of public obliga-
    tion, sadly enabled
    by almost stupefied
    permission, granted
    across the spectrum,
    for the highest of-
    fices to be wasted.

    Reaction holds sway
    by default, and it
    will prosper for it,
    in the inevitable
    revolt against ig-
    noring our people.

    Laboured excuses are
    more and more thread-
    bare, the mighty more
    petty, while the good
    plead stale embarrass-
    ment, the best of times,
    the worst of times, re-
    membered very badly.

    Koch brothers. But
    government by racket-
    eering is proving to 
    be unsustainable.

    We gaze squarely upon
    the dignity of all who
    duly convey their con-
    sent to be governed. We
    see the forbearance, the
    modesty and trust. 

    It takes the breath away
    to witness, does it not,
    and drives the youthful
    heart to sacrificing ends;
    unless, the patronising
    snicker, Suckers, seems
    the sounder sobriquet.
    There's just one thing
    about a republic of wait-
    ing. The generations do
    not keep. 



Elizabeth Drew
The New York Review

John Cassidy
The New Yorker

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