Thursday, August 29, 2013

I don't want to be in politics and war

  D'you remember John Adams?
  Of course you do. We share
  our youth, from war, poli-
  tics, and (although he did
  not say it), he implied, a
  money frenzy commonly pur-
  sued in the democracies.

  On the other hand, sharing
  Adams' dream does rely upon
  an a priori seizure of cap-
  ital, if not a government.

  Government is old but money
  is quite new. It is easier,
  and so few need ever notice.

  Our nations are for hire or
  for let, and gold is always
  fungible. They are cyphers
  to allow to flutter by day, 
  to haul them down at night.

  To be cut from that cloth.

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