Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Origins of Wednesday ii

  The circling streams, once thought but pools, of blood
  (Whether life's fuel or the body's food)
  From dark oblivion Harvey's name shall save,
  While Ent keeps all the honour that he gave.

  Nor are you, learned friend, the least renowned,
  Whose fame, not circumscribed with English ground,
  Flies like the nimble journeys of the light
  And is, like that, unspent too in its flight.
  Whatever truths have been, by art or chance,
  Redeemed from error or from ignorance,
  Such is the healing virtue of your pen,
  To perfect cures on books as well as men.
  Nor is this work the least: you well may give
  To men new vigour, who make stones to live.
  Through you, the Danes (their short dominion lost)
  A longer conquest than the Saxons boast.
  Stonehenge, once thought a temple, you have found
  A throne, where kings, our earthly gods, were crowned ..

John Dryden
To my honoured friend,
  Dr Charleton ..
Selected Poems
Steven N. Zwicker and
  David Bywaters, editors
Penguin Selected English Poets
op. cit.


  1. superbe !
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    1. Thank you for your visit. I am sorry to disappoint, but I did not retain information about this picture -- which, like you, I really did admire.