Friday, February 14, 2014

Consuming love

    Charles Chaplin lived
    very well and made no
    bones about it.

    In his art he created
    a figure than whom no
    one has lived better.

    If I were to envy any
    man, anything, it may
    be his gorgeous sense
    of pure extravagance.

    He achieved it, and I
    can't believe this is
    not why he's so loved.


Charles Chaplin
City Lights

Eric Weiss


  1. he was beloved-and many women feel to his charms-publicly he was just the little tramp (no threat) and as that character he could do things Man accepted with a laugh-and therein lies his great power.

    1. "He could do things."

      That is the suggestion.

      I love you for visiting, and for contributing the exact epitaph.