Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feathers don't knock people over

   On the count of three
   I've been counting on
   the NRA Chorus to fly
   to my rescue, and in-
   tone, People do. Who
   could wish to go for
   very long, fearing an
   implement for its de-
   structiveness, while
   sin lies so close to
   hand? But I was won-
   dering, just now, if
   we were to flood Par-
   is with 40,000 more
   untraceable handguns,
   or 40,000 more anon-
   ymous people, which
   would knock people
   over more, even al-
   lowing for spirited
   motoring? And, would
   the feather remain a
   device of choice for
   anyone's security?

   What is it about the
   that a feather under-
   mines, if not that it
   blames the victim as
   a virtual accomplice,
   locked in a sectarian

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