Friday, March 14, 2014

An inconvenience

       I know, it's late.
       Please understand,
       it's why I'm here.


  1. How fantastic. I don't know your exact reason for posting this (or what time it was written), but there is an honesty that happens when it is late - I have many memories of conversations (some painful) that happened late at night. Some of those admissions and conversations can only happen late at night. In person, on the phone, online - maybe the forum doesn't matter as much as the time of day - and I am just now realizing that. What is the first thing you think when you get a late phone call, or knock on the door, or email posted 3am? Something must be wrong...

    1. 1. In whose voice are these words presented: by the figure in the image, to the figure in the image, about the figure in the image, or suggested by the figure in the image, and if any of the last three, from whom?

      2. Is this lateness of the hour or of some other cycle -- as in, late in life, late in the time agreed for dinner, late in another kind of program?

      3. For whom is this a lateness?

      The posting is an enigma but it is illustrated with suggestions of feeling. Like you, I sense a kind of force at work in it, which I would tend to associate with urgency more than with only an honesty, although you certainly make plain why you draw this conclusion and it cannot be disputed. In a city, "lateness of hour" would not, in the frame of reference repeatedly suggested at rmbl, necessarily be associated with something's being "wrong," or even with something's being confessional, although I grant that it is natural to draw some inference from an occurrence "explained by" ("why") lateness. Urgency is all I can extract.

      It is interesting to consider your comparison of a telephone call, a knock on the door, and an email. Even, say, in a dormitory or barracks or stables, where people or other beasts may wander in and out almost as fonts in a text message, "I am here" is somehow still distinguishable from annunciations via other media. This could be an inconvenience?

      I thank you for your visit in the comment field. You happen to have alighted upon an entry I still consider, interesting, even at mid-day.