Sunday, April 20, 2014

Clearly defined borders

Rapture of schoolmarms,
currency systems, and a
shower of safety glass:

I like to discover dis-
tinctions, don't you a-
gree? Not cut myself on
an arbitrary intrusion.

                       I see a valley of moist Montale plus                                myself plus George Herbert.
                       Wait here. Stay alert.

                       When the red apples are ready on
                       the trees,
                       Don't you feel like saying, 
                       "Apples, please .."

  Time and again, a light will
  elicit respect for a border
  shaped by nature - which, e-
  ven in error of application,
  is unforgettably worth pursu-
  ing. For this I am grateful:

  He was no democrat, no pacif-
  ist, no martyr (if these are
  pure professions); and the in-
  tellectual clarity he achieved
  was the clarity not of suffer-
  ing but of disillusion. But
  truth is independent of the
  stimulus that has provoked its
  discovery, and the conditions
  that have guided its expression.

Frederick Seidel
  Sweet Day, So Cool,
  So Calm, So Bright

Hugh Trevor-Roper
Student [Fellow] of
  Christ Church, Oxford
The Last Days of Hitler
  i: Hitler and his Court
op. cit.

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