Monday, April 7, 2014

Sipping from Goti

   From whatever place
   they may have come from,
   from under rocks,

   that moistness, or the sea,
   or else in those
   slanting places of darkness,

   in the woods, they
   are here and ourselves
   with them. All

   the forms we know,
   the designs, the
   closed-eye visions of

   order - these too they are,
   in the skin we
   share with them.


   if you twist one
   even insignificant part
   of your body

   to another, imagined
   situation of where it
   might be, you'll

   feel the pain of all
   such distortion and
   the voices will

   flood your head with
   terror. No thing 
   you can do can

   be otherwise than
   these people, large
   or small, however

   you choose to think
   them - a drop of
   water, glistening

   on a grassblade, or
   the whole continent,
   the whole world of size ..

Robert Creeley
Selected Poems
University of California Press, 1991©

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