Sunday, May 11, 2014

Memo to the degree candidate

   What is being

   It could be said of his
   philosophical method that
   its aim is to change the
   aspect under which certain
   things are seen - for ex-
   ample, to see a mathematical
   proof not as as a sequence
   of propositions but as a 
   rule, to see first-person
   reports of psychological
   states .. not as descriptions
   but as expressions, and so on.

   The 'understanding that con-
   sists in seeing connections',
   one might say, is the under-
   standing that results from a
   change of aspect.

Ray Monk
Ludwig Wittgenstein
  The Duty of Genius
Penguin Books, 1991©


  1. and where might the first photo be from
    may i ask?

    1. This photograph comes from a tumblr whose address I forget; I adjusted its exposure somewhat; I don't recall that I cropped it,although I might have done. The other photos were similarly sourced and adjusted to suit the palette I was seeking, with the second being considerably cropped. Thank you for visiting.