Friday, June 27, 2014

Grappling with our season's luxury

 Content to the mind, says the great
 Halifax, is as moss to a tree; it
 binds up so as to stop its growth.
 And Hobbes complained of Chatsworth
 that though there was a good library
 there, which the Earl of Devonshire
 stocked by his instructions, never-
 theless the want of learned conver-
 sation was a very great inconven-    ience.

 Upon which Aubrey comments sadly,
 'Methinks in the country, in long
 time, for want of good conversation,
 one's understanding (wit, invention)
 grows mouldy'.

Hugh Trevor-Roper
Lord Dacre of Glanton
The Wartime Journals
July, 1945
op. cit.

i le smoking
  Dries van Noten

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