Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Class in a very small place

  With apologies to the historian
  of Dien Bien Phu, a cul de sac
  we go on plagiarising, the sec-
  ret lives of academics somehow
  go on fascinating us all, given
  to concentrate original lessons.

  In Britain, the mortar is minus-
  cule, the pestle seldom absent.
  From central New Jersey to Lang-
  ley or the Cosmos Club, a lunch
  can be attended, any given day.

        I do feel our Government is making
        rather a fuss over the Falklands.
        As I am having lunch in the H of C
        on Tuesday with Chris Patten - a 
        former pupil and I think no great 
        friend of Mrs T - no doubt I'll
        learn more.

Fellow of Balliol
My Dear Hugh
  Letters from Richard Cobb
  and others
    20 May 1982
Tim Heald, editor
Frances Lincoln, Ltd., 2011©

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