Monday, July 21, 2014

Does anybody want the story on Gaza?

Should not a posting on the
eternal debaucheries in the
sacredly contested niche be-
tween good and evil, find a
way of furnishing fuller de-
tail? So one may think, un-
less it meant inconvenience
to the horses, much less to
the breakfast table. Yester-
day it must have been truly
awful to have been Mr Kerry,
and have to explain knowing
nothing and vouching for it
at the same time. He called
to mind the child starved on
propaganda, furiously reknot-
ting its drawstring in shame.

It was with gauze of excep-
tional dispensation, in that
gruesomely loaded slogan and
begging question we uncritic-
ally recite, right to exist.

     Yet in the fulness of his
     experience, if not of its
     utility, and holding the
     position that he does, as
     something of a custodian
     of a generation eligible
     now to be destroyed, one
     would assume he'd be wil-
     ling to dispense with sub-
     jecting listeners to apol-
     ogies preparing for it. We
     know, they study Orwell at
     St Paul's.

George Orwell
Politics and the
  English Language
op. cit.

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