Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rehearsing a Virginia marriage

  With scarcely a moment to spare,
  ists (it's hard to think of them
  as ultimate or highest under cir-
  cumstances related, supra) grant-
  ed a reprieve yesterday in the
  matter of Virginia's mad parade
  down the nave of matrimony. Not
  on the sage grounds, mind you,
  that nobody of any consequence
  has ever married in the North-
  ern Hemisphere in August, what
  with everyone being away; and,
  mercifully, not on any knowable
  premise at all, but with the ta-
  citurnity that becomes a Court
  so given to Corporate adoration.

Nothing of the kind. No pensive delectations of the limited liability we enjoy as shareholders in bondings immune from mor-alising intrusion; no wistfulness for sweet depletions we could claim; no stirring celebrations, either, of our sovereign right to select our government. 


  Nor could now be thought the
  time, therefore, for rehear-
  sals of a rite deferred. No
  one knows quite what to wear
  to a Court's last chance to
  act the fount of justice in
  deference to its duty. But
  there isn't any doubt what
  it should wear.


  1. The details escape me now, but the feeling of being riven by your words remains vivid. It happened last spring or summer. Something you said—words of searing insight about and commentary on the Supreme Court—stuck with me for several months, informed my thinking and fueled much reflection. Your offhand phrase, "a court so given to Corporate adoration," catches at me, reminds me why I value your efforts here, why I keep returning.

    1. We would all be smaller without spirit such as you volunteer. I know I would not be here.