Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday commute xciii: learning Summer backwards

Seems a year not to be
Summering in the wrong
direction. As if the u-
sual noise and debris
on the Euphrates were
not enough, if you be-
gin your jaunt on My-
konos and finish up in
Copenhagen, you would
think the gods had a-
venged your libations 
by gouging for amends.

   Innocent friend of mine
   just staggered back af-
   ter 7 dollar coffee in
   Sybille Bedford's sea-
   faring, predatory, and
   adventurous Socialist
   paradise. So much bet-
   ter, it would appear,
   to be cloistered in
   Gaza for the duration,
   where Arabians speak
   Arabian with the speed
   of summer lightning, 
   and the Hebrews learn
   it backwards, which is
   absolutely frightening.

Sybille Bedford
Portrait Sketch of a Country
  Denmark, 1962
Pleasures and Landscapes
  A Traveller's Tales
  from Europe
Jan Morris, introduction
Counterpoint, 2003©

Alan Jay Lerner
Frederick Loewe
My Fair Lady
  Why Can't the English

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